What you should know about student college moving/dorm room movers

Student college moving can bring a lot of emotions, but stress does not have to be one of them. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of moving, these tips will guide you and make it as stress-free as possible.

First, what items should you pack and move?

No one-answer-fits-all as an individual’s needs is unique. While you don’t have to hold on to everything, you don’t have to live a minimalist lifestyle. Create a list of those items you NEED to take to college. Pen down as few “wants” as possible. Focus your packing list on the essentials, like Bedding, towels, toiletries, clothes, alarm clock, Laundry Hamper, footwear, desk lamp, electronics, books, etc. Confirm the dorm’s bed size before packing bedding, and bring at least two sets of beddingand your favorite pillow. Similarly, check with your college for the basics to be packed.

How to ship stuff from home to college

Shipping from home to college requires carefully packing. Your choice of college mover service will ship a few boxes and tape to your home ahead of packing. You schedule a pick-up at your home, after which they ship your item to your college without hassles – and even to your dorm. Be sure to label the boxes correctly for easy identification. Add a fragile sticker if needed.

How do you send stuff home from college?

You don’t have to wait until your move-out date to send stuff home. You can slowly send your belongings home one by one throughout the semester. You can decide to wait until the end of the final semester to ship it all home, and we find this method more convenient. However, it’s up to you. 

Who can help?

If you’re looking to move to or from college stress-free, you might decide to seek help from a few good friends. They might see it as a trade-off or having pizza delivered at the end of the move. Hiring a professional dorm room mover is your best option when you need to move more than just a few boxes. They’ll handle the packing and moving for you, but at a cost. The average moving and packing cost is usually determined by the size of your move, distance, and packing materials used. (#) offers full-service college Moving, Student Storage & Shipping.