Concierge Lite


Concierge Lite is a hauling service that includes cargo vehicle and one helper. This service is ideal for people who cannot be present at pickup or drop-off, as well as for people who cannot lift heavy items. If your pickup and drop-off destination don't include stairs, select this package. Haul furniture such as beds, libraries, tables, chairs, couches and appliances like fridge and washing machines from one location to another. Our drivers will take the items to the designated location and will help you load and unload the cargo vehicle. Use this service if you need help lifting weight. Our driver and hero helper will do most of the work for you! Select multiple helpers if there are many items and you need the job completed quickly!

If you cannot be present at pickup nor drop-off locations, and 1 person with dolly can perform loading/unloading, select CONCIERGE LITE Package. Each item could weigh up to 100 lbs, size up to 6 ft, and both pickup and drop-off location  DO NOT involve stairs.

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