Concierge Premium


Concierge Premium is a hauling service ideal for people who need a cargo vehicle and 2 helpers with a dolly to move their items from one location to another. Select this service if your pickup and/or drop-off location includes stairs. Our helpers can do the heavy lifting for you and load the items on and off the cargo vehicle. This service is very popular for large, heavy and many items. Perfect for small and medium businesses who need a hauling partner to move to new offices, for students who want to move their items to the college or university dorm, or for seniors moving out from their homes to nursing houses. Our helpers will load the vehicle with your furniture and appliances, unload them to the desired location and place it where you want. Ideal also for businesses who are looking for a full stack hauling service, such as appliances and furniture stores, mattress companies, flooring companies and more. Concierge Premium is the service you need to select if you dont want to lift a finger!

If you cannot be present at pickup nor drop-off locations, and 2 people with dolly can perform loading/unloading, select CONCIERGE PREMIUM package. Each item could weigh up to 500 lbs, size up to 12 ft, and drop-off location COULD involve stairs.

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