Hero Helper Only


Hero helper is a service ideal for someone who is looking for additional muscles. Our heroes are individuals who work with us and are ready to undertake any task to help you lifting heavy items in your house or work. If you want to move items from one floor to the other, rearrange your house furniture, lift heavy appliances like washing machines or your fridge, desks, patio furniture or other our helpers are here to provide their services to you. Ideal for seniors who need help in their house, remodeling and cleaning up their garden or need assistance with heavy lifting. Select our Hero Helper service also for junk removal or if you need help storing items away.

If you only need help of labor work either to move, haul, load or unload items, select the HERO HELP ONLY package. You can order multiple helpers. Recommended for home/office interior remodeling or rearrangement, or small/big moving between houses/storages.

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