The Benefits of Moving with FlasHOLR

When the time comes to move, you should first ask yourself how to get your items from your present location to your new destination without hassle. You can do it yourself, find a friend, or hire a moving company to help. Next time you need help moving across town, getting a large or many smallitems delivered, downsizing your house, doing a small apartment move or even needing help for junk removal from your old house, FlasHOLR will take the stress out of your moving and the tedious tasks it involves.


A reputable moving company 

With a clean moving track record, the company offers to move on-demand & packing service that fits individual clients' needs and load to move. If you are looking to move from one city to another, the company's moving team understands that your items need to be moved with care. They will provide friendly, professional service to put you at ease, while your items will be covered with a protection guarantee. Our team is highly trained in commercial, residential, local, and long-distance moves, from appliances to specialty items, like pianos, gun safes, artwork, and more. Our live tracking system will provide you on the spot location tracking of your load!


Professional trusted helpers

A critical part of moving is getting your items packed and ready to hit the road. While this activity can be exhausting and time-demanding, FlasHOLR’s professional packing helpers are always available on demand. They will arrive on time, safely wrap and store your items in boxes, and prepare them for moving. They will load and unload a moving truck or storage container and deliver furniture or appliance with the safety of your items in mind. All helpers are background checked, trained, and covered by commercial and cargo insurance policies.


White Glove Service

If you are looking for a full service you can select FlasHOLR’s White Glove Moving Service. Our team will pack your items, load them on the moving truck, remove junk from the old house and deliver to the desired destination. Our helpers will also unload the truck and carefully unpack and place your items in your new home!


Damage protection

FlasHOLR understands that damage to your items during the moving process can sometimes happen. But don't worry. The moving company offers free damage protection, guaranteeing the safe delivery of your items, while you can track where our truck is located in real-time.


What's more?

FlasHOLR undertakes junk removal, furniture donation, and home appliance recycling, while we also work with storage companies. Unlike any other competitor, the company offers last-minute moving requests and does everything quickly and at the lowest cost in the market. Do not waste time and money! Contact FlasHOLRtoday for a free moving estimate.


Our app offers a detailed yet quick booking process, gathering all the important information to give you an accurate for your moving request.