Home appliances are usually built to last long. But, eventually, you’re probably going to need to upgrade or dispose of them. Large appliances are hard to dispose of easily. They pose a threat to the environment if they aren’t disposed of properly. So how do you get rid of these items quickly and safely? Here’s a quick guide on how to remove old appliances.

How to get rid of old appliances

The first step is to prepare the appliance for removal. Disconnect the appliance(s) from the light source. Carefully pack the power cord using a twist tie or the appliance cord itself. If the item is still working, you can either decide to donate it to second-hand stores or charities or sell them through garage sales. And if the appliance isn’t working, you may want to dispose of it. Find out if your trash/scrap collectors accept kitchen or other larger appliances. You can also check with your local recycling facility.

Salvage Old Appliances for Parts

Most big appliances, like microwaves and washing machines, have useful materials and parts. For instance, the computer chips in microwaves contain valuable metals like gold – which shouldn’t end up in landfills. So you may decide to salvage them for parts.

Who can undertake this task?

Federal law and the Clean Air Act in the U.S. have regulations about what can be disposed of. So it’s imperative to never attempt to dispose of old appliances yourself. Better still, you can hire a junk removal service for appliance removal. It may require a small fee, but it’s worth it. They understand the right way to get rid of old home appliances, the risks involved, any coolant and other chemicals, and sometimes find other ways of using them so they don’t go completely to waste.

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