House Restoration Project

House restoration typically involves renovating or repairing a house with the goal of preserving its historical or architectural integrity. This can include tasks like:

Preservation of Original Features: Restoring or repairing original architectural elements, such as wooden trim, stained glass windows, decorative moldings, and other unique features that might have deteriorated over time.

Historically Accurate Renovations: Ensuring that any renovations or additions made to the house are in line with the architectural style and materials of the period in which the house was built.

Structural Repairs: Addressing issues with the house's structural integrity, such as repairing foundations, roofs, and load-bearing elements.

Interior Restoration: Bringing the interior of the house back to its original state, which might involve recreating period-appropriate paint colors, wallpapers, and furnishings.

Upgrading Systems: While maintaining historical elements, modernizing systems like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC to meet contemporary safety and comfort standards.

Historical Research: Conducting research to understand the original design, layout, and materials used in the house's construction.

Conservation: Using techniques to prevent further deterioration of historical elements, such as applying appropriate coatings to protect wood or using specialized cleaning methods for delicate surfaces.

Documentation: Keeping detailed records and photographs of the restoration process for historical reference and potential future owners.

Our company works with interior designers and architects in order to provide our help in repairs as well as in moving and storage of items during the house restoration process.

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