FlasHOLR, an innovative hauling solution now expanding to Tulsa, creating multiple part-time jobs for locals

Oklahoma, USA: FlasHOLR, an on-demand hauling solution, is a one-of-a-kind modular hauling solution provider that has revolutionized this space with its innovative business model that enables businesses to connect with on-demand haulers easily. The company is exponentially expanding its footprint to new cities, with the next move planned in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


The company is creating part-time jobs for locals in various segments such as drivers, hauling helpers, packing helpers etc. “FlasHOLR is on a growth trajectory that is driven by innovation. Our next expansion is planned in the city of Tulsa as we are seeing a lot of traction for our services from the nearby areas,” said Lily Jiang, Founder of FlasHOLR Technologies.


The company aims to create employment for people looking to supplement their income or gain experience to develop their logistics skills. FlasHOLR is creating significant opportunities for people, from drivers to hauling helpers and packing helpers. It gets even better with a flexible schedule, timely payments, and competitive hourly rates compared to other similar businesses.


“The idea is to create employment opportunities for drivers looking for a more flexible schedule and build another income stream on demand by serving local businesses as their hauling partner. There are no set criteria for this job profile, but we want people willing to put their best foot forward and ensure complete customer satisfaction,” Lily said.


“Great drivers are the key partners of FlasHOLR business. Thus, we are looking for great drivers that want to grow with us, serving local businesses in the city. In Oklahoma City, we have drivers that started from a pickup truck and have been hauling with us consistently, with great customer satisfaction. Now, they are already upgraded to own trailers or box trucks, either with our support or by making it on their own. Our philosophy is to grow together,” Lily added.


The prerequisite for being eligible for a driver position with FlasHOLR is having a cargo vehicle, such as a pickup truck, van, open/closed trailer, box truck, and flatbed trailer. However, owning a cargo vehicle is not a requirement to sign up. People without cargo vehicles can sign up as hauling helpers or packing helpers. It’s a great alternative income for anybody outside their day job, either baker, technician, teacher, daycare